Friday, June 20, 2008

Mold for Tupperware Container from 1965

Okay, this is really fascinating to me on so many levels! First of all, this a photo of a 1965 Tupperware mold for a Mix-n-Store. Second, I was born in 1965 (LOL), and third, my day job is I'm an accountant for a plastics injection molder (no, we don't manufactur Tupperware).

This is just so cool! Here's an excerpt from the article:

A single impression mould used in the injection moulding of a Tupperware
'Mix-n-stor' container, shown with a container sitting in the mould casing. The
container is made from polythene. Tupperware was developed by an American, Earl
Tupper, in the mid 1940s. Polythene was discovered in 1933 by Reginald Gibson
and Eric Fawcett, two scientists working at ICI's research laboratory at
Winnington, Durham, as the result of a laboratory accident. The first patents
for polythene were registered in 1936, and a year later the first practical use
for the material, as a film, was discovered. Polythene was used as an insulating
material for radar cables during World War II, and the substance was a closely
guarded secret. After the war it began to be produced commercially.

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